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(The above PDF is the form every client fills out prior to their first treatment. You may download, fill it out, and email it back to me at.. [email protected])

Thank you for your interest in Scar Revision...

I diminish the appearance of stretch marks and reduce hypo and hyperpigmentation (including flat age spots, sun spots, and Melasma) in scars to blend with your natural skin tone... this is inkless, so color is NOT added in any way to camouflage the scar. 

This service is done with multiple esthetic modalities, dry tattooing (inkless), and at home skincare. I am renewing your skin, this does not happen overnight, so this will take multiple monthly sessions. How many months, depends on the severity of your stretch marks/scars. This will be discussed in your treatment plan.

How this works:

You either come in for a consultation or send me clear photos of the area(s) in question. I write up a treatment plan for you to look over. If you are ready to start treatment, you sign the plan and email it back to me. We then get you scheduled!

Payment Plans:

1) Paid in Full

2) 50% Down Payment + Equal Monthly Payments at 0% Interest for the Duration of your Treatment Package

    The Down Payment is split into 2 payments... 50% deposit due at the time of signing the treatment plan, remaining balance of the down payment is due at your first appointment.

Please let me know if you have questions!