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Microblading is a form of manual cosmetic tattoo that uses a grouping of needles to create 3D brow hair strokes that look like real hair! Microblading lasts 12-18 months. Microblading requires 2 sessions.


Microblading 1st Session: $350

(Non-Refundable Booking & Supply Fee of $50 will be taken off of this price.)

Microblading 2nd Session (Perfecting Session): $150

AFTER First Session: (8-12 Weeks)

* Microblading is a process, the 2nd Session is a very important part. During this time, I will add strokes, go over weak strokes, and adjust the color if needed.

Touch Ups:

Microblading 3-11 Month Touch Up - $200

Yearly Touch Up: $250

2+ Yearly Touch Up: $400 and up to full price
depending what is left, if anything.