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So… what is EPILFREE?! 


Epilfree is a non-laser, permanent hair removal system that is used in conjunction with waxing!!! It is a combo of 2 all natural serums applied to freshly waxed skin. These serums kill the hair follicle while in the Anagen phase of hair growth (growing phase). 


Let me tell you some of the reasons I am choosing to offer EpilFree at Laura McElroy Beauty…

* Epilfree can be used anywhere on the face and body

* Epilfree can be used on any Fitzpatrick… meaning from the lightest to the darkest skin tones

* Epilfree can be used on any hair color and vellus hair

* Epilfree is a pain-free application

* Epilfree is safe to use on anyone that can be waxed, however for liability reasons, I am unable to       perform this treatment on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Some things to know to determine if non-laser permanent hair removal is right for you…

* Permanent Hair Removal is time sensitive and works best…

   for face in 14 day increments... so every 28 or 42 days

   for body in 21 day increments... so every 42 or 63 days

* Everyone is different, some people may see total results in 8-12 sessions, some less than that, some    may be up to 20 sessions

* I am offering packages of 6 sessions to start your journey in becoming hair free.

* Any face or body waxing service can be made into a package

* Individual and 3 session packages are available after a 6 session package has been completed… if needed.


Just to give you an idea on pricing… depending on the area, EpilFree will add on $30-$125 to the waxing price per session. MORE ON THIS COMING SOON